Massachusetts Table Tennis and Badminton Club

MATTBC Table Tennis Friday League


MATTBC 2014 Table Tennis Leagues are USATT Individual League for players of all skill levels. The league is held on every Friday night.

The League Santa Rosa Rule: Matches between 2 players must be no more than FOUR ranks apart at any given league night among league participants (with exception of top two players have an option to choose more than four ranks apart, such as five or six ranks apart).

1) Players standing will be posted based on their USATT league rating (the estimated rating will be assigned to non-rating players by League organizer)

2) Player who come to club will first sign up on table queue sheet. When league starts, the player who on the top of the table queue will pick a player next on the queue based on the Santa Rosa Rule to start match. Their names will also cross out from queue to make next open queue player to choose another player to start next match and so on.

3) When match is completed, the winner of the player will have choice to stay on the table to play a next qualified player on the queue and the loser will sign on the table queue to wait for next match. If winner could not find another qualified opponent, winner has to leave the table to re-join the queue.


Sign-up for queue and match can be started at 6:00 PM until closing. Table can be used for warm up but league match will have higher privilege over warm up after 6:00 PM.  The leagues are open to Non-members for $10/night and free for members.


Check Calendar for schedule in details Results and League Ranking

Table Queue and Score Sheet 


Children Group Lesson (Level 1, 兴趣班)

8-12 students on Saturday and Sunday 

 Non-Member $26/hour Member $16/hour

Children Group Lesson (Level 2, 初级班)

6 students on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 17:00-19:00

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

 Non-Member $28/hour Member $18/hour

Children Group Lesson (Level 3, 提高班)

4-6 students Monday to Saturday 

 Non-Member $30/hour Member $20/hour

Adult Group Lesson (Table Tennis)

4-6 students(lesson time TBD)

  Non-Members $40/hr  Members $30/hr

Adult Group Lesson (Badminton)

8 - 12 students(lesson time TBD)

  Non-Members $40/hr  Members $30/hr

Private Lesson (私教)

Please contact coach Tao for details