Massachusetts Table Tennis and Badminton Club

2015 MATTBC April Open, Saturday 4/11/2015

Friday Night League

Welcome to Massachusetts Table Tennis and Badminton Club


Summer Camp (5 weeks Staring July 14)

Week 1 (July 14-18) Beginner Under 10 Years Old

Week 2 (July 21-25) Beginner Under 10 Years Old

Week 3 (Aug 4-8) Intermediate Table Tennis or Badminton  

Week 4 (Aug 11-15) Intermediate Table Tennis or Badminton 

Week 5 (Aug 18-22) Advance Badminton Only

Daily Schedule:  

9:30AM - 12:30 PM

12:30 AM - 1:30PM Lunch (Bring your own)

1:30PM - 3:30PM

Cost: $450/5 Days

Register: 917-399-8448 or email 


MATTBC SPRING LEAGUE (3/28 - 6/27/2014)


Congratulation to Michael Wang who won the MATTBC Spring League Top Prize of three months free membership!!!


Summer League will start from July 11 to Aug 29, 2014 in total 9 weeks with new League Rule adapted from The Santa Rosa Rule (see details in league page). The player has to participate more than 60% of league plays in order to qualify the final top prize (TBD). 



MATTBC APRIL OPEN (4/19/14, Saturday) Results:


Open Event:

Final: Alberto Romo def. Yuhua Li (-8,5,5,5)

SF: Alberto Romo def Shuhan Liu (6,-8,6,-12,6) and Yuhua Li def Richard A DeWitt (8,6,7)

QF: Alberto Romo def Robert Page (7,7,7) and Shuhan Liu def Chase Bockoven (7,8,7) and Richard A Dewitt def George Wang Chen (9,9,-4,5) and Yuhua Li def Jay Lu (5,7,6)

8th: Alberto Romo def Michael Z Wang (15,7,-4,-8,8) and Jay Lu def Hristo (Chris) Hristodulov (9,-11,7,-6,7)


Final: Shuhan Liu def Chase Bockoven (6,7,10)

SF: Chase Bockoven def Richard A DeWitt (9,7,6) and Shuhan Liu def Alberto Romo (6,8,-9,9)

QF: Richard A DeWitt def Xiaofeng Tan (-6,5,4,6) and Chase Bockoven def Robert Page (3,6,8) and Alberto Romo def Jay Lee (9,7,6) and  Shuhan Liu def Laszlo Nagy (7,8,10)


F: Harshad Deshpande def William Waltrip (5,7,-13,8)

SF: William Waltrip def David Maisel (8,5,7) and Harshad Deshpande def Scott Lester (-8,6,-7,7,10)


F: Shaojun Chan def Tom Vitzthum (5,7,10)

SF: Tom Vitzthum def Xianghui Pang (6,8,10) and Shaojun Chan def David Maisel (7,8,-7,-5,6) 


F: Dennis Khan def Bradley Robbins (10,-8,9,9)

SF: Dennis Khan def Vladimir Bychkov (7,-4,3,-3,9) and Bradley Robbins def Steven Tan (7,7,9) 


1st Place Jerry Tan and 2nd place Steven Tan


U12 years old:

F: Jessie Chan def Jason Chen (8,9,-9,2)

3rd Place: Kevin Chen def Shuhe Ma 

RR group 1: 1) Shuhe Ma 2) Kevin Chen 3) Amit Vallabh 4) May Zheng

RR group 2: Jessie Chan 2) Jason Chen 3) Jasmine Li Chen 4) Anna Lian 





 Open: Brian Gao def Long Zheng (3:1)

 Semi-Final: Brian Gao def Jay Lee (3:2) and Long Zheng def Alex Frayberg (3:1) 


Kids Training Night: